Female Genital Mutilation in India

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Source: The Women Stats Project

I've researched a lot on women's issues around the world and one of the most gruesome in my opinion is Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Without getting very graphic - it’s a method of female circumcision that causes severe medical issues and is considered a human rights violation by the UN.

It’s a practice common in Africa and the Middle East and I was surprised and glad that it had somehow not found its way to South Asia. Literally every issue in the world exists here, but by some miracle FGM didn’t land on these shores.

But wait, that wasn’t really true. At dinner with a journalist last night I was shocked to find out that FGM is actually very prevalent among Bohra Muslims in India and Pakistan!

Unlike other parts of the world, it’s a secret practice here and not many people know about it. In fact when I did a google search on it, there was hardly any coverage on the issue. It’s so underreported that there isn’t even a law banning it in India. Most people here don’t even know what FGM is, let alone know the dangers and that it is prevalent in certain communities in India.

It’s especially scary to know that every possible issue (sex trafficking, female infanticide, forced marriages, FGM etc) exists in this country and that too at a large scale. How are we ever going to get rid of all these issues and how does every disgusting issue find its way into this lovely country?


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