Meet the Team

 Pritham Raja

An Electrical Engineer from Georgia Tech, Pritham worked as a Business Technology Consultant in Atlanta for 3 years before deciding to pack his bags and leave corporate America (So much for that engineering degree). Super passionate about Human rights and women's issues, he started Tofu (Market arm) and Threads of Freedom (Service arm).  

When he isn’t working, you can catch him backpacking in a remote corner of the world or debating history or politics with some poor soul


Soumil Surana

An Industrial Engineer from Georgia Tech and a graduate of the Indian School of Business, Soumil worked with Facebook and Barclays in the past. After his business degree, he decided to focus on Tofu instead of getting a high flying, fancy pants job. He works on Tofu's overall business development - just don't ask him to make a financial model.

A coffee connoisseur and a movie buff, get him a bottle of Kahlua and a movie to watch and you’ve just made his weekend.


Adarsh Nungoor

A Mechanical Engineer from the National Institute of Technology with a Masters from the Arizona State University, Adarsh leads the service end work at Threads of Freedom (The Service arm). A workaholic, he doesn't plan on giving up until every single victim of trafficking is reintegrated.

Depending on his testosterone levels that day, you’ll find him either wrestling someone using Mixed Martial Arts or playing classical rock on his guitar.


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